Building strategic partnerships to support growth

There is a leading trend in the industry for strategic partnerships, bringing additional value to standard services. Keyrus has always been ahead of the curve on this trend and building strategic and technological alliances has been part of our global development strategy since day 0. We strongly believe that these partnerships are helping us in providing a better service to our clients.


We are only as strong as the alliances we form, but such alliances have wider implications. For Keyrus Biopharma this means reliable, long-term relations with suppliers, partners and clients: relations that are not only professional and amicable, but also socially responsible, environmentally durable and ethically sound.


Depending as we do on high-end technology, we take our alliances very seriously: robust, flexible, durable, consistent and future-proof partners are essential/ Among our allies are giants of big data (such as Microsoft and Oracle) as well as leading-edge specialists in electronic clinical data capture and reporting and analytical software (such as Xclinical, Pharmasol, SAS).