Real life data, effective cost management & data valuation

Data collection, either safety, efficacy or use does not end with market access. There is a growing need to gather information of product during entire lifecycle. Keyrus Biopharma is providing quality data, using adapted cost effective processes and tools to match your needs.

Real life data collection is different

  • Dedicated and autonomous team, focused on RWE
  • Full service project or standalone service
  • Optimised and specific processes, SOPs and working instructions to minimize costs
  • Dedicated IT team to develop and customize innovative tools
  • Ability to manage large volume of data and maximise ROI
  • Ongoing training to stay ahead of the curve with regulations and changes
  • Ideal mix of junior and senior staff to ensure cost control
  • Ability to adapt and change according to your specific needs

Keyrus Biopharma RWE is your access to market information.

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