Your partner in clinical development

At Keyrus Biopharma, your products, your projects are driving our teams. Placing your interests at the very center of our day-to-day work, we work together to support your successes in clinical development.


We cover all your needs from clinical development plan to market, providing standalone or fully integrated services.
Our clinical trial teams are leading your projects from start to completion smoothly and efficiently. Adaptative and lean, our trial management strategy is built according to your needs and goals. At Keyrus Biopharma, we understand and anticipate your challenges.
Using internal expertise and a wide network of consultants, we provide strategic regulatory support and input on your projects to ensure fast and smooth set-up of your clinical studies.
It’s all about data. Your projects, your products and your patients need data. Comprehensive, clean, accurate data. Our biometry team is ensuring data flow, quality and rapid valorisation to speed up your decision making.
In Keyrus Biopharma, we are proud to bridge the gap between science and market. Not only are we transforming raw data into meaningful reports but also we support your communication during and after market access.
Patient wellbeing and safety is the heart stone of our industry. To cover the safety needs, Keyrus Biopharma is providing unmet top level services in Pharmacovigilance and safety, integrating our services in your sytem and teams.
Keyrus Biopharma is certified ISO 9001. But quality assurance is not a supporting service in our company. Quality assurance is part of our process, not only covering GCP and audit but also supporting KPI, risk management to optimise operational delivery.