Press Release

Keyrus Biopharma, your trusted partner in Randomization & Trial Supply Management

    Did you know that Keyrus Biopharma has a Randomization and Trial Supply Management (RTSM) department?

    For 20 years now, Keyrus Biopharma has been an expert in Clinical Research, providing services to carry out your clinical studies from end-to-end.

    The operational management of clinical trials is an important challenge for a smooth and qualitative execution of a trial: most of the time, trials follow a double-blind design, therefore patients enrolled have to be (i) randomized - according to precise criteria detailed in the protocol – and (ii) the correct kits have to be delivered to the right patients.

    Keyrus Biopharma’s specialized and autonomous RTSM department can accompany you in these activities, avoiding supplementary burden for the investigational sites.

    Our key services are positioned around:

    -       Patient Randomization – randomization can be implemented based on study design (blocked stratified randomization, minimisation…..)

    -       Site supply and resupply management to ensure that an adequate quantity of treatments is always available on site to allocate/reallocate patients

    To do so, we rely on several RTSM systems, and software providers, to propose the most suitable solution according to the study design and your particular requirements (cost, timing, …).

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