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Keyrus Biopharma is your new HEOR Partner !

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For more than 20 years, Keyrus Biopharma has been an international CRO, committed to generating scientific evidence within clinical trials or real-world evidence studies.
Maximizing the value of these data is crucial for both patients and your business, as it promotes market access, and maintenance, of the most efficient drugs.

Today, as a natural evolution of its activities, Keyrus Biopharma is extending its service offer to Health Economics and Outcome Research.
Being a longstanding expert in data generation and valorization in Life Sciences, Keyrus Biopharma can uniquely enhance the medico-economic appraisal of your drugs.

Why choose Keyrus Biopharma to carry out your Evidence Generation and Health Economics activities?

  • Agility: our human-sized organization is designed to adapt to your needs!
  • Reliability: with Keyrus Biopharma, you can rely on 300 Life Science experts, supported by a data-expert mother company
  • Expertise: highly trained and constantly at the cutting-edge of regulatory evolutions, our experts provide top-quality services!

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