Stephane Chollet





    As a Project Manager, the relational content is almost as important as the professional content of my day. Listening to clients, talking with suppliers, seeing that everyone has what they need, establishing and monitoring coherent control indicators… my job is to maintain this broad network of interconnections. Within my own project team I’ve come to appreciate the multi-disciplinary professionalism of my colleagues, each one with his field of expertise. You can achieve so much more in a team like this than you ever could working alone.

    The social atmosphere at Keyrus Biopharma is also a source of variety and cultural diversity, enriching at the personal as well as the professional level. It’s a place where one feels supported, motivated, encouraged to reach further. ‘Impossible’ doesn’t really exist here. Somewhere along the line I guess we changed it to ‘I’m possible!

    Stephane Chollet, Project Manager, Belgium