Elodie Mai






    My work as a Data Manager consists in handling clinical study data. I don’t get bored as my scope of work applies to the entire study. Prior to the beginning of the study, I’m in charge of developing the data entry tool and training the project team. During the study, I get involved in data development, review, validation, and export until the database is decommissioned. With such a wide range of tasks, I’m always learning and developing my skills.

    The last two years at Keyrus Biopharma have been quite a ride! Initially in charge of SharePoint site development, I got to evolve to database design and clinical data management. I was hired at the end of my V.I.E. (French acronym for International Business Volunteer contract). I’ve worked in the company’s offices in Belgium, France and now as an employee in the offices based in Canada.

    I appreciate that Keyrus Biopharma is in constant evolution, offering real international opportunities and a variety of career paths.

    Elodie Mai, Clinical Data Manager, Canada