When you need to boost your teams

Functional service provider can be seen as an external, cost effective solution to manage team size. In Keyrus Biopharma, we bring this service to a higher level: we set-up dedicated, flexible, agile, short to long term solutions to boost your team… or to give them a new challenge!
Obviously, our goal is to build long term, positive and growing teams, working as a satellite for your group. Of course, we lower costs, using the latest methodologies and tools for partnership management. Of course… but not only!

You are the Strategist, we are the Tactician

  • Ad’hoc design of solutions
  • Flexible, scalable, adaptive FSP size
  • Capacity planning, peaks and valleys management
  • On-demand, short to long-term engagement
  • Dedicated staff and offices with secured access
  • Reversibility plan if required
  • Integrated in your organization but based outside
  • A commitment to excellence and renewal. We adapt and challenge!
  • Perfect mix of junior/senior resources to optimize costs
  • History and knowledge stored in house
  • Intensive use of IT tools (ticketing, data wharehouse, collaborative platform, etc.)
  • Coverage of all industry needs (PM, DM, STAT, MW, PV, etc.)
  • Proven track of records with more than 11 active FSP and 20 years of experience
  • Ability to switch from different models (budget, organisation) to match your needs
  • In-depth integration of QA in our work (risk based management, KPI, total quality, etc.)