Sustainable development is a major issue in nowadays society and, for modern businesses

Sustainable development represents an important factor in their performance, not only economic but also social.
It has been in a spirit of transparency, equity, and progress that Keyrus Biopharma’s reputation has established itself and developed over nearly twenty years. Since then, the company continues to share this aim of excellence in order to build and develop long-lasting, quality relationships with all its stakeholders.

Respecting Human rights

Keyrus Biopharma respects and promotes the basic human rights set out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the European Union Charter of Fundamental Rights.

The company places the dignity and worth of the human person at the center of its values. 

Encouraging diversity & social engagement

Diversity is part of the DNA of the Company. In fact, Keyrus Biopharma places a particular importance on respecting the principles of equality and non-discrimination linked to age, gender, ethnic origin, nationality, religion, disability, matrimonial status, sexual orientation, and political or philosophical opinions. Our company follows the professional development of their employees. As an international and multicultural company, Keyrus Biopharma acts as a responsible employer towards each employee and behaves the same way for all and without discrimination.

Listening carefully to our clients to establish a long-term relationship

Understanding our clients' needs and wants is a priority of our company. Keyrus Biopharma provides to its clients the most relevant and appropriate solutions in order to control their costs and return on investment. Every project includes performance indicators with perfectly measurable results. Listening and discussion are at the heart of the client relationship to create genuine proximity with managers. Keyrus Biopharma is willing to build a durable, satisfying relationship with each of its clients, thus helping to ensure their loyalty.

Sharing a code of ethics with suppliers & partners

Being aware of the potential impact of its professional practices in all of its activities, Keyrus Biopharma ensures to follow reliable, long-term purchasing procedures. The company is also attentive to the expectations of its suppliers, partners and clients concerning the environment and adherence to codes of ethics. For this purpose, the company systematically attempts to proactively integrate the dimensions of corporate social responsibility and sustainable development in the services it provides.